Friday, July 23, 2010

More Tea Time Fun!

The "Angel Gabriel" angel food cake was a big hit!

It all looks so good!

MMM...the "Fruit of the Womb" fruit plate!
The table was practically cleared after seconds and thirds and our Rose Buds went away full, happy and already discussing when to have their next Liturgical Tea! Let's give the moms a bit of time to recoup (I mean prepare) before we think about that!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Getting Ready for Summer!

We wrapped up a great year with our group in May right as school was getting out. The girls were ready for summer break, but even more excited about the Mysteries of the Rosary Liturgical Tea that we had planned before we all said good-bye to each other. The idea for Liturgical Teas facinated me after seeing several posts about them from Jessica and Alice. We combined several components of the Advent and Candlemas Tea here and here for the Joyous Mysteries and several components from the Lenten Tea here and here for the Sorrowful Mysteries. Then we tried our hand at creating food ideas to coordinate with the Luminous and Glorious Mysteries...some much better than others! Regardless, the girls had a blast and what a beautiful memory of the month of Mary!