Saturday, April 9, 2011

Maiden's Wreaths

It's been too long since we've had a Rose Bud post!  We have had a couple of meetings since our fashion show, but I was terrible about posting, so I do apologize.  This one should hopefully make up for it!

We are down to our last two virtues and our last two meetings of this school year.  We are preparing for a special May Crowning of our Blessed Mother at our next meeting, so at our April meeting we did some getting ready!

First...the virtue: Love of Neighbor

We have a lovely local women's association that services the community in so many wonderful ways.  This season, they have been collecting self-serve breakfast items for their Weekend Snack Pack Program.  This is an outreach program for area children who need healthy breakfasts on the weekends.

We saw this as a great way for the Buds to get involved and help their neighbors, and dedicate themselves to some spacial alms giving this Lent.  We set donations boxes in our school, made some posters and started collecting!  Each Bud also brought her donation to our meeting. 

We were overrun with items!  It was wonderful.  We took them to the collecting box that was located in our church and it literally filled it to the brim!

Thanks to everyone for their generous donations. 

The rest of our meeting was dedicating to preparing ourselves for our May Crowning.  Of course, we know that Mary is our Queen Mother.  And we know that Jesus is Christ our King.  So that must make us all princesses! 

So, we began this portion of our meeting with a story, followed by a lovely "princess" craft and then another gorgeous treat from Ms. A.

One of our Buds received this book from her Daddy in celebration of her First Holy Communion this year.  It's a sweet story of Gigi, who discovers she is royalty... the daughter of a great King!  The girls just loved the humor and it was beautiful to see the looks in their eyes when they realized the answer to Gigi's question, when at the end she wonders...

"When will I get my crown?"

We decided to make some "temporary" crowns as our crafts. 
We constructed a Maiden's Wreath.  It was a lovely little ivy headpiece onto which the girls placed some of the flowers that represent the virtues we are learning about: 

peony ~ love of God
violet ~ humility
forget-me-not ~ piety
carnation ~ obedience
daffodil ~ industry
ivy ~ hope

It was also filled with ribbons and bows and all things princess!  We will keep these wreaths safe and wear them next month as we crown our Blessed Mother.  Of course, we plan to dress like the princesses that we are for the occasion too!

What do you think of these lovely ladies?

What a group of cuties!

Of course our meetings are never complete until Ms. A gets out those reusable Gymboree boxes that we all know will be filled with goodies of one kind or another!  What would we have done this year without her amazing yummies?

And this time, we even had royal service!
What did he get himself in to?

Well, I think we can say this meeting was a royal success!

Keep planting seeds...