Saturday, January 22, 2011

Rose Buds and Rosaries

We gathered for our last January meeting ready to bead! 

We chose the virtue of Hope for this meeting.

Our goal was for every Rose Bud to complete a rosary that could then be sent to our area FOCUS group.  FOCUS then distributes them to missions, spreading God's hope to all. 

We had some special visitors to help us get the job done!  With 27 girls, many under 7, we needed all the hands we could get.  But, really, the girls did a fantastic job following directions and keeping up, so it proved to be a wonderful experience for everyone involved.

We began this meeting with our usual coloring pages until all the Buds arrived.  This week we colored an image of a rosary.  It didn't take the gals long to color it, so as a challenge, they were asked to write the Hail Mary on the back. 

Very nice...
Although it became very distracting to have Mrs. A setting up the snack just a couple of tables away!

Isn't it beautiful!

But before we could indulge, we had work to do.  And luckily for us we had a resident expert!  Mr. R was there to lead the way, instructing us on the pattern of the beads and how & when to tie.  We also had several lovely ladies from our parish Altar & Rosary Society to help out too.

Mr. R explained to the Buds that once a rosary is completed, it should be prayed for the intention of the person that will receive it.  So the girls got busy on the rosary that they will later pray and send along.

All these beads?

Almost done with the first decade!

Mine looks like hers...must be right!

On to the second decade. 

 Working hard!

Still stringing...

Almost done!

As the girls finished up, they gathered to sing songs with Mrs. S.  Thanks Mrs. S. for stepping in without notice!!

And then the time came at last!  The girls were thrilled when they finally were able to dig into that cupcake rosary.  The only problem...

Which one to choose?

And so all the girls were off, another meeting complete.  At our next meeting we will take some time to pray our newly made rosaries for all those who will receive them...that they will be filled with the Hope of the promises of Christ.

Keep planting seeds... 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Celebrating the Epiphany

Our first meeting of the new year fell on the traditional celebration of the Feast of the Epiphany.  It was a nice chance to get back into the swing of things with the girls in a fun and festive way.  So...we took a break from the study of our nine virtues and decided to be king queen for the day as we explored this wonderful feast of our church.

Well...every king needs a crown, so that was a good place to start. 
The girls had fun painting the jewels of little plastic tiaras.   

As we awaited everyone to join our circle after finishing our painting, we all sang "The Twelve Days of Christmas" (Miss Piggy style, of course).  We had a great discussion about the hidden meaning of each verse. 

Then it was on to the game!

Each Bud had to help fill the treasure chest with the gold (chocolate coins) for Baby Jesus (but it had to be done with salad tongs!)  I don't know if it was more fun to play or watch! 

As we wound down (and ate our chocolate coins), many of the girls tried on their dry tiaras.  I think we have several girls that would make very good queens, don't you?

But we know, no matter what we have on the agenda, no meeting is complete until Mrs. Adams has tied it all together with her treats!  Well, this week was no exception.  She made some beautiful and, of course, delicious, crown cookies.  And even some of those ended up on the girls' heads before they ended up in their bellies! 

Many blessings on this Feast of the Epiphany!
May we also bring Him our gifts...

Keep planting seeds...

Rose Buds and Altar & Rosary

Now that we're well into January, I suppose I should post our last December meeting!  Talk about taking my time...

The Rose Buds enjoyed a special evening to finish out the 2010 year and get ready for 2011.  Our parish ladies club, the Altar & Rosary Society, invited us to their Christmas potluck dinner.  It was a nice chance for the girls to let the ladies of our parish know "who we are" and "what we do".   Our girls did a fabulous job giving a short presentation and then providing a bit of entertainment (songs from the school Christmas Program) for the ladies.  Hopefully as these young girls grow and become women of faith, they will continue to be involved in the church through wonderful organizations such as Altar & Rosary. 

After our visit, many of the girls gathered at the Dairy Queen to cap off a fun night with ice cream (and I do mean ice cream).  My, was it cold!  But the girls had so much fun~

Merry Christmas, Rose Buds!

Keep planting seeds...