Monday, April 2, 2012

Clothed in Humility

The Buds gathered for a March meeting to focus on the virtue of humility.  Our saint for this meeting was the beautiful and humble St. Catherine Laboure.

We began, as always, with a coloring page of our saint as we waited for all our friends to arrive.  We were unable to meet in our usual place, so the Buds had fun spreading themselves out on the gym floor to color!

We worked on our prayer card in the gym as well.  Our prayer card included the image of St. Catherine Laboure in her habit and a simple prayer on the back:

I am here.
Tell me what
would have me do.

These prayer cards were added to our binders, along with the coloring pages.

For our main activity, we were able to move back into the cafeteria, although we stayed on the floor! 

Because we were discussing humility, we used the Bible verse from Year One:
I Peter 5:5-6
"Clothe yourself in all humility."

We discussed humility and modesty in our dress, making modesty shrugs from a bandanna or scarf.  They turned out very cute and some of the Buds even continued to wear them to school during the week!

Here we are...hard at work!

And here we are wearing some of the finished shrugs.

They are cutest from the back!

Our whole group of Beautiful Buds...

from the front

and the back!

And what could be cuter than these cookies?

(I suppose the servers are!)

Mrs. A outdid herself again!


Keep planting seeds...

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Key to God's Heart

The Buds had to wait until the last week of February for our meeting that dealt with the virtue of Piety.  Our theme for this meeting was:
The Key to God's Heart

Our saint for this meeting was St. Cecilia.

We began our meeting with a beautiful coloring image of St. Cecilia which matched the image that we used of her in our year one binder page as well as our holy card.

Then we created our own holy card for our holy card collection.

We used the same image...

The prayer we used was this:

Oh, Lord
I beseech Thee,
That my heart may be only Thine.

Before beginning our craft, we had a wonderful discussion to remind ourselves of what piety looks like, and with it being the beginning of Lent, we discussed how our Lenten promises of extra prayer, fasting and alms giving are perfect ways to show grow in piety.

Our craft was, in fitting with the theme, a key chain. 

The girls colored them, added jewels and found a great place from which to hang them.

And, as without fail, Mrs. A presented us with a beautiful and tasty creation for our snack.

Thanks, Mrs. A!

Keep planting seeds...

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Obedience and St. Joan

Our January meeting focused on Obedience, using the beautiful witness of St. Joan of Arc as our saintly study.

We began, as always, with a coloring image of St. Joan going into battle, carrying the flag of the Holy Family.  The completed page was added to the binders that the girls are creating.  For the girls that have been Buds for three years, the binders have become very full! 

The Buds created a holy card for the collection of cards they are also housing in their binders.  St. Joan's image was on one side...

and a prayer on the other.

I place my trust in You,
My Creator.
I love You with all my heart.

Our craft was a Shield of Virtue.

Look at these soldiers for Christ!

Continuing with the theme of Obedience, we played "Mother May I" (with a little Catholic twist)...

Blessed Mother Mary, May I?

The Buds had a blast trying their best to be obedient to the orders given by "Mary".  Too funny!

And, we ended with another fantastic treat from Mrs. A.

Shield of Virtue Cupcakes


St. Joan of Arc, Pray for Us!

Keep planting seeds...

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Let Love Light the Way

Our December meeting focused on St. Jane de Chantal and the virtue of Love of Neighbor.  What a perfect time of year to be thinking about who our neighbor is and how we can show God's love to them. 

As all of our girls arrived, they began creating a pile of toys to be donated to the local Toys for Tots campaign.  By the time everyone had arrived, we had filled our gathering table with all sorts of wonderful Christmas gifts for our neighbors in need.  Thanks girls, for practicing this beautiful virtue.

As always, the girls began with a coloring page for their binders.

We used the same image on the coloring page to create our holy card:

This is also the image that we use in our Year One binder page.
For our holy card, we added a simple prayer:

O, Sovereign Goodness,
I abandon myself
forever in
Thy arms.

Our craft centered on love and the spreading the light of Christ to others by giving that love away.  So...we made candles.

The girls had the choice of two types.

The first was a simple candle of stacked-hearts.

The other was a little glass votive decorated with jewels.

Both projects were completed nicely, but they didn't hold a candle (pun intended, of course) to the treat Mrs. A brought this week!

The Buds couldn't wait to dig in...

But not if it's hot!

MMMMM...Just a lick?

Or maybe a whole bite!

Keep planting seeds...