Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hope in the Heart of Jesus

Our October meeting focused on the virtue of Hope and the beautiful St. Monica.  We began, as we always do, with a coloring page...this one again from Charlotte. 

We also added to our holy card collection by making our own holy card of St. Monica.  It used the original image of St. Monica that we used for our binders...

And we added a special prayer:

I offer up my sufferings.
Give them signs of

These special little prayer cards are going into our binders this year, along with our new coloring pages.

Our main theme for this meeting was to always put our Hope in the Heart of Jesus.  So what better craft than something with the Sacred Heart.

We decided to make Girls' Group T-Shirts!

They were so much fun...

Each T-shirt had a heart stamped to the front and the girls used fabric markers to add the details to create the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
But the best part?
The center of the heart was blank.  The perfect place for the girls to write their names...right inside Jesus' heart.

They turned out great.

And many of the girls put them right on.


But, of course, that could not be the end...

Not when we have the famous Mrs. A and her cupcakes!


Oh my God,
Because you are all loving, powerful, and faithful,
I have hope to be happy with You in heaven.

Keep planting seeds...