Thursday, September 29, 2011

Stand Firm in Faith

Our first meeting of the 2011-2012 was so much fun!  It was wonderful to see all the beautiful faces back for another year with Christ, and we were so pleased to welcome eight new beauties! 

This meeting focused on St. Catherine of Siena and the virtue of faith.  We colored a picture of St. Catherine from Charlotte's blog.  We also began what will be a holy card collection to add to our binders (along with all our new coloring pages this year).  The holy card had our original image of St. Catherine on the front...

and her simple prayer on the back:

take me from myself
give me to

Then we really had some fun!
The girls each brought a pair of flip flops to the meeting (or Crocs, as the case was with one of our little ladies who does not like the feel of flip flops between her toes!).  We decorated the flip flops with all the glitz and glam that we could get to stick to them, adding the special touch of a cross to the sole, so we can...

"Stand Firm in Faith"

One of the girls even pointed out the connection between having the cross on our sole and our soul.  Wow!

The girls had a blast with the decorating...

although the tying was a challenge!

The finished products were delightful.

And comfortable, too!

But the best part was that we have been blessed again with the kitchen creations of Mrs. A!  She wowed us with flip flop cookies and the girls were thrilled. 

Which color goes best with my outfit?

Do we get two since we have two feet?

What a great way to end the first meeting of the year.
It gives new meaning to "putting your foot in your mouth"!

Keep planting seeds...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Holy Name of Mary

Our first meeting was a huge success and it was fabulous to see all our Buds again!  Our group this year will consist of about 24 girls from the age of five to ten.  And although we lost some of our oldest girls from last year, we have gained some new faces and can't wait to get started with our year...

Many moms and dads were on hand at this first meeting to enjoy High Tea in honor of the feast day: The Most Holy Name of the Blessed Virgin.

Thanks again to my favorite blogger, Jessica, we had a fantastic spread with all the foods representing one of the names that we so affectionately give to our Mother. 

Cheese Tower
"Tower of Ivory"
(terrible picture!)

Goldfish Crackers
"House of Gold"

Fruits and Veggies
"Health of the Sick"

Strawberries with a Crown of Cream
"Queen of Martyrs"

Roses with Soft Candles and a Mirror
"Mystical Rose"
"Mirror of Justice"
"Quiet Light"

Star Shaped Sandwiches
"Morning Star"

Angel Food Cake
"Queen of Angels"

Dove Chocolates
"Peaceful Dove"

Blue Hawaiian Punch (or rather, the pitcher)
"Vessel of Honor"

To make things a bit more fun, the girls and invited guests had to guess the name of Mary that each food represented.  Everyone was quite insightful!

And then...we ate!

As with all our "teas" of the past, the food was gone in no time and the girls went away full, happy and ready for a fun year!

Keep planting seeds...

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Most Holy Name of Mary Tea


When:  September 12, 2011
4:00 -5:00 PM

Where:  St. Mary's School Cafeteria
Who:  All girls from Kindergarten to 5th Grade
(school families, parish families, homeschoolers and friends)
All are welcome!

Why:  To kick off our 2011-2012 year of Girls' Club
To honor our Blessed Mother on this feast of her Holy Name

We hope to see you all there!

Keep planting seeds...

Welcome Back!

It's time to think about our new year together!

With the ever-changing schedules of all our families, we are now meeting once a month on Mondays from 3:30 - 5:00.  We felt one meeting per month would be easier for everyone to schedule around, but we thought that we'd give ourselves an extra 1/2 hour to get a little more done!

We have a great year planned, with Mrs. A still at the helm, ready to create some wonderful snacks to go with our monthly themes.  We hope you will all join us.  And remember...bring a friend.  The more the "Mary"-er!

Keep planting seeds...