Thursday, October 21, 2010

Out Reach: The Christ Child Society

The Buds continue to be busy focusing their efforts on proclaiming God's Truth, committing themselves especially this month to our Respect Life Campaign.  We received word that our Buds collected well over $200 during the Pennies for Life Drive, and now it is our goal to collect needed items for donation to our local Christ Child Society Layette Program.  This program services young mothers in need and their beautiful blessings.

We began our meeting this week working in our binders in a section that will be dedicated to Mary.  This section will be filled with all the beautiful coloring images of Our Mother.  The coloring page the girls completed this time was Our Lady of Fatima in honor of the Miracle at Fatima on October 13.


Then the buds were off to work in the gym, creating posters to advertise our collection effort and decorating boxes for all the donated items.  The creativity was flowing...and so was the glue!  Unfortunately my camera battery gave out just as I began snapping pictures of each group.  I missed getting shots of several hard working young ladies.  Oh, snap!


 So glad I grabbed a quick picture of Mrs. A's snack before it was too late.  Isn't it adorable?  A baby box filled with bottles and onsies! 

 A few of the girls stayed late to help hang the posters and place the boxes throughout the school and at the church.  After a couple weeks of collecting, we will gather everything together and then spend some time making blankets for the layettes, which will be added to the donations that we will give to The Society. 

What dedicated young ladies! 

Until next time,
Keep planting seeds...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

An Invitation

Rose Buds, Please Join Us!

October is quickly nearing an end and so is the global 40 Days For Life Campaign.  With only two weeks left of this beautiful witness to our faith, I would like to invite all our Rose Buds and their families to join our family for the Family Adoration Hour at the St. Mary's Church from 6:00 - 7:00 PM this Tuesday, October 19.  The Rose Buds have dedicated their month of October to Truth and celebrating our respect for all life is a testament to that Truth.  What a beautiful way for these little souls to lift their faith-filled prayers together for this fantastic cause!

I know schedules are packed!  Please feel no obligation to stay the full hour.  It is our plan to offer a Rosary for Life at the beginning of the hour and then spend the last half hour in quiet contemplation before the Blessed Sacrament.

Please consider joining us!

Keep planting seeds...

Monday, October 11, 2010

Pennies for Life

The Rose Buds had a great time (and took very seriously their job of) collecting for our parish "Pennies for Life Campaign".  Many were up for the 7:00 Mass!  (Unlike our family who never makes it sooner than 9:00, but prefers 11:00!) We even had some "Buds-in-Training" (aka: little sisters!) helping out  as well!  What a beautiful testament to the Truth these young ladies are!  And what a beautiful way to plant the seeds of the next generation of women who will stand for that Truth in protecting the lives of the unborn. 

The parishioners were so very generous and our Buds were so pleased with the donations they will be able to forward to our local Family Resource Center.

Next on our agenda for Respect Life month will be putting together a layette for our local Christ Child Society.  The girls will be working hard at our next meeting preparing for a donation drive to gather items needed for the layette, all to help mothers who proclaim the Truth in the simple act of choosing Life!

Keep planting seed...

Friday, October 8, 2010

Truth: Rose Buds Respect Life

Our Rose Buds are dedicating their month of October to the virtue of Truth and they are working very hard this month to truthfully bear witness to Life.  During Respect Life Month, our Rose Buds will be helping with the collection during our parish "Pennies for Life" Campaign, as well as organizing a donation drive to gather items for the local Christ Child Society's layette program.

Our first October meeting was held, fittingly enough, on the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary...our model for saying "yes" to life!  How perfect is that?
We started our afternoon together with a beautiful coloring page to add to our binders.

The girls have been invited to gather after our October 10 Mass to collect donations for our Right to Life Committee's "Pennies for Life" drive. To prepare for the drive, the girls created prayer cards to pass out to all the parishioners as a "thank-you" for their donations.  The girls worked hard to add ribbons and charms, flowers and bows to the cards to make them look like baby shower favors.  They turned out so cute and will be a beautiful message to all who receive one.
After working so hard on the prayer cards, the girls were soooooo excited to see what was in the treat boxes this week!  Mrs. A "wowed" us all again with her fantastic cupcakes, iced baby-blue and pink and decorated with life saver mint "binkies"!  Absolutely adorable and quite a hit with all the buds!

 And we ended our meeting with some fun, fun, fun (baby-themed, of course!).  The girls ran a relay race of "dress the baby".  Hilarious!  It was a great way to end a fun afternoon dedicate to Truth and the gift of Life.

God Bless You, Rose Buds!

Heavenly Father, You created men in Your own image and You desire that not even the least among us should perish. In Your love for us, You entrusted Your only Son to the holy Virgin Mary.  Now in Your love, protect those little ones to whom You have given the gift of life.

Keep planting seeds!