Year Two

To Jesus Through Mary
Our Model of all Vitures

Year Two in our three year cycle was designed to build upon the virtues learned in Year One by putting those virtues into action.  We moved away from the curriculum design of the Little Flowers program, not because we didn't like it, but because we wanted something that would fit our ever-changing group a bit better.  Therefore, we chose to stay with the same nine virtues of Year One and moved towards Mary, as she is the perfect model of all virtue (and because we chose her as our group's patroness!).

Each meeting began with a coloring page of Mary in one of her many roles as the Mother of the Church and Mother to us all.  We chose monthly images of Mary the were fitting to the liturgical calendar.  We added these pages of Mary as a second section to our Rose Bud Binders.  Those girls that were new to our group this year received a new binder and these coloring pictures became their first section. 

Our meetings focused, as they did in year one, on nine essential virtues:
(as designed by Rachel Watkins). 

Love of God
Love of Neighbor

With each virtue, we created and fulfilled an outreach project that allowed us to practice these virtues through serving others.  It is our hope that the girls will come to understand that by serving others we help carry the Cross of Christ, and also accept the carrying of our own.  So with the completion of each month and its outreach, the girls earned a "cross" to pin to their sashes

Our Second Year


Mary: The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin
Virtue: Faith
Outreach: Spiritual Bouquets for and visit to
The Sisters of the third Order of St. Francis Mother House


Mary: Our Lady of Fatima
Virtue: Truth
Outreach: Right to Life Sunday Pennies for Life Collection
Clothing Drive for Christ Child Society


Mary: Our Lady of the Brown Scapular
with the 
 Poor Souls in Purgatory
Virtue: Industry
Outreach: Rose Bud Baking Day for the Sacred Heart Soup Kitchen


Mary: Our Lady of Guadalupe
Virtue: Love of God
Outreach: Advent Tea
Christmas Presentation
at the
Annual Altar and Rosary Christmas Banquet


Mary: Mary, Mother of God
Virtue: Hope
Outreach:  Rosary Making for FOCUS


Mary: Our Lady of Lourdes
Virtue: Humility
Outreach:  Community Fashion Show


Mary: Mary, Full of Grace (The Annunciation)
Virtue: Obedience


Mary: Mary and the Way of the Cross 
Virtue: Love of Neighbor
Outreach: Collection for Local
Weekend Snack-Pack Program


Virtue: Piety
Outreach: May Crowning