Saturday, November 20, 2010

Working for Christ

Our Buds gathered for our last November meeting ready to put the virtue of Love of Neighbor into action in a whole new way...using the virtue of Industy too! 

We began our meeting by adding another picture of the Blessed Mother to our binders.  The girls have quite a collection of beautiful images of Mary to inspire them to live a life of virtue.

Then we were off to the kitchen!

Our service for this meeting was baking cookies for our local Missionary Sisters of Charity soup kitchen.  The Missionary Sisters spend their whole lives serving others, dedicating themsleves to hard work and sacrifice for the good of other people.  And our girls had an absolute blast emmulating this virtue.  They all did such a fantastic job of working together to get their recipe made and into the oven on time.

There were definitely some interesting techniques to cookie baking in the kitchen with these gals...

The girls were all promised ONE cookie as a treat when the task was complete, so in the oven went all the pans and into the gym went all the girls. As we waited for the cookies to bake, we played a game which reminded us that we need to try to recognize Jesus in everyone we meet...even in those strangers we don't know, and that we must reach out to Jesus by being a good neighbor to everyone we meet...even those we don't know!  Our hands are the hands of Christ.  He uses us to do His work!

We played "Who Loves You". 

One Bud was "it".  She had to sneak up behind another Bud and say "I love you" either in her own voice or the voice of a "stranger".  The Bud in the chair had to see if she could recognize her neighbor.  The girls got very creative with disguising their voices...interesting that Christ can sometimes be just as creative when He disguises the way He comes to us in our daily lives!

The revelations Christs bestows on me as I watch these girls is sometimes overwheming.  I learn so much more from them than they do from me!

The cookies came out of the oven just in time for each Bud to take one home and all the Moms stayed to box them up for the soup kitchen...over 10 dozen in all.  Great job Rose Buds!

Keep planting seeds...

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Love Thy Neighbor

In honor of the Commemoration of all the Faithful Departed, our first November meeting began with a coloring page of Our Lady of the Brown Scapular and the poor souls in purgatory. 

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord
and let perpetual light shine upon them.
May the souls of the faithful departed,
through the Mercy of God,
rest in peace.

After a quick review of two virtues we've been practicing since the beginning of this school year, we discussed our next virtue: 
Love of Neighbor. 
The story of The Good Samaritan was a perfect way to reinforce this virtue as we talked about who our neighbor is and what we can do to show God's love to all those around us.

After listening to the Bible story, one of our Mom's showed the girls how to tie the edges of fleece blankets so that we can add some beautiful blankets to all the other things that we collected for the Christ Child Society Layette Program.  What a beautiful way to reach out to our neighbors!  And the girls just loved it.  They went right to work and by the end of our meeting, they had tied off 10 blankets!

With our blankets competed, we had just enough time for...
The Good Samaritan Game!

What a blast!  Half of the girls were "good samaritans" who had to help out a neighbor in need (the other half of the girls).  After coming upon a "hurt" neighbor, the samaritans gave the friend a drink of water, placed a bandage on a "wound" and helped the hurt girl to the "inn".  What a hoot!  We had bandages on arms, legs, noses and foreheads.  Some of the girls even carried each other to the "inn"!  Such fun!

Then we squeezed in our treat...with only minutes to spare!  Sometimes an hour is just not enough time.

Mrs. A wowed us again with cookies to go with our Good Samaritan theme...


No...they didn't stick!

What a great meeting and what a great way to learn about loving our neighbor!

Keep planting seeds...

Blankets for Babies

Look at our Layette Collection!

Our wonderful parishioners and Rose Bud families were so generous in donating to our collection for the Christ Child Society Layette Program.  To top off this fabulous outreach, the Rose Buds helped one of the members of The Christ Child Society (and one of our great Rose Bud Moms!) tie fleece baby blankets to be added to the layettes.  The girls did a great job learning how to tie them and worked hard to complete 10 blankets! 

This project was a great way to wrap up the virtue of Truth, but also a fantastic way to work into our next virtue: Love of Neighbor.
November will have us focusing on who are neighbor is and what we can do to help out those neighbors in need.

Keep planting seeds...