Thursday, December 15, 2011

Let Love Light the Way

Our December meeting focused on St. Jane de Chantal and the virtue of Love of Neighbor.  What a perfect time of year to be thinking about who our neighbor is and how we can show God's love to them. 

As all of our girls arrived, they began creating a pile of toys to be donated to the local Toys for Tots campaign.  By the time everyone had arrived, we had filled our gathering table with all sorts of wonderful Christmas gifts for our neighbors in need.  Thanks girls, for practicing this beautiful virtue.

As always, the girls began with a coloring page for their binders.

We used the same image on the coloring page to create our holy card:

This is also the image that we use in our Year One binder page.
For our holy card, we added a simple prayer:

O, Sovereign Goodness,
I abandon myself
forever in
Thy arms.

Our craft centered on love and the spreading the light of Christ to others by giving that love away.  So...we made candles.

The girls had the choice of two types.

The first was a simple candle of stacked-hearts.

The other was a little glass votive decorated with jewels.

Both projects were completed nicely, but they didn't hold a candle (pun intended, of course) to the treat Mrs. A brought this week!

The Buds couldn't wait to dig in...

But not if it's hot!

MMMMM...Just a lick?

Or maybe a whole bite!

Keep planting seeds...

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  1. Did you have a pattern for your modesty shrugs? So cute! How did they attach/fasten around the front? Thank you!